Thanksgiving vacay


Last week we left to see my Awesome Husband’s wonderful family.  It was such a great time!  You always know you had a good time when you don’t want to leave and your kids cry while backing out of the driveway to go home:-)  I smile because that is what the love of family does to you – makes you not want to say goodbye.

We did the turkey thing (it was delicious).  We did the shopping thing (only because I found a gift card to a store we don’t have anywhere around us from our wedding!).  We played games and chatted (this is what I love about family).  The kids were spoiled with love (and so were we).  We got to sleep in (in a huge bed that was so comfortable that if it would have been appropriate I would have spent my whole time there).  We got to get ready without interruption (heaven!).  We even got to celebrate Sweet Baby Jo’s birthday a few days early (where has time gone????).

We got back yesterday afternoon and the trip went smoother than I prayed for.  We only stopped twice, thanks to Little G being high up and not pressing on my bladder.  When we got home we didn’t feel traveled and I was able to do some laundry, make dinner, go grocery shopping, vacuum the car out, and unpack everything.

(I apologize in advance that there were not many pictures taken and they are all cell phone quality)

Three little travelers! Tip: Have your kids where comfy outfits there and back (I always plan on doing laundry, so they always wear the same outfits on travel back day).

Gotta love a grandma who a) doesn’t look like a grandma and b) loves letting her grandchildren help in the kitchen!

One day we will have a piano in our house.

This is literally two days worth of laundry that we brought home (we did laundry two days into the trip as well).


On the way home I told my Awesome Husband that I am truly blessed because I love his family so much and what a joy it is to actually want to see them and spend time with them and feel like when you leave it wasn’t long enough.


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