I’m pretty sure we are the only ones


I am betting that most, if not all of you did not receive this (see picture below) in the mail on Saturday.

Not really sure what to do with a picture of Little G’s (normal) chromosomes.  Do I save them and put them in his baby book?  Do I put them on the fridge?  Not really sure.  But it was kind of fun to look at them, since I love biology.  It was also crazy to see what “makes” him up.

And for those of you know who are wondering his name, it is Fetus of K.  We really thought it was a great name for a little boy:-)



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  1. I have a karyotype of both matt and my “Chromes”…used to work in a cytogenetics lab and it was awesome! I even learned to cut the metaphases and arrange them! So fun!

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