I have really, really hated Hulu lately.  If it weren’t for the fact that we don’t have tivo or cable or anything most people consider normal, I would have totally avoided Hulu completely (but I HAVE to keep up with Grey’s Anatomy somehow).  Their political ads are horrible.

I get that I should vote (and I have).  I get that this is not just about me but other people (I like most people most of the time).  I get that we are in a hurting country (I like being able to keep as much of my money as possible, which is none since I am considered “unemployed” so technically I get to keep it all – yay me!).  But what I don’t get, or should I say don’t like, is being made to feel that if I vote a certain way I am basically slapping people in face because I don’t agree with them.  We live in a free country where my views are mine and yours are yours and I may not like them and you may not like me but we get to vote for who we want.  End of rant.  End of story.  Let’s hug it out.

I voted because of them. The little ones without a voice. The ones I care about most.




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