Honesty about pregnancy fat


I get fat while pregnant – every. single. time.  I do.  And I really don’t mind.  But when I tell people that I get fat while pregnant, their first response is “You don’t look like you’ve gained anything but in your belly.”  Yeah right!  To which I tell them about the THREE pairs of maternity pants I have ripped, countless pairs of underwear that don’t fit, and about how I actually have to work at not having a double chin in pictures.  I figure that most women gain weight while pregnant and I am not alone.

So, here is where I tell you about the 20lbs I have already gained.  Yes.  That number is right.  Twenty.  And while I am measuring ahead in the baby department, they only estimated him to be 1lb.  That is 19lbs unaccounted for (and yes I know that my blood volume has increased and all of that).

So, yep, I really don’t care if you do notice I have put on some poundage because I have and it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Okay, so, maybe the ripping my jeans part does but then again, I think it really quite funny.  Actually the only thing that really stinks about having my butt get big is buying bigger underwear and pulling them out of the package and holding them up to show my Awesome Husband and saying these things are huge and there is no way they will fit, only to have them be snug.  Yep, been there, done that.

If history repeats itself (which I am hoping and praying it does but since I am now past my young twenties), breast feeding will be the answer to this pudge.  But for now, I will bake a cake and eat it too.


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