Boogers on my back


If it weren’t for the fact that it was 1am I would have totally asked my Awesome (sleeping) Husband to take a picture of the snot that Sweet Baby Jo wiped on my back.

I am not big on sharing my bed with my children.  And the main reason why is that I am a light sleeper and it took me a year to adjust to my Awesome Husband’s body in the same bed as mine (I love you honey, but that first year of marriage was brutal on the sleep department for me).  But when a child comes-a-coughin’ and snot comes-a-drippin’, I am all “come right in and snuggle with me and spread your sick germs directly in my face.”

Well, Sweet Baby Jo has a cold (maybe ear infection coming on that I am trying to treat at home with these ear drops) and her poor little nose is pouring and she has a slight cough when she lays down from the drainage – poor girl!  So, last night after she started coughing and fussing, I got her out of her room the closet and snuggled her in our bed.  She was out after I propped her up with my shoulder.  Now, I am laying there trying to fall back asleep while my arm that I dare not move falls completely dead.  After lots of wiggling and finagling, I get the dead arm free and am proud that I didn’t drop it right on my sleeping princess.

BUT then out came the bed hog.  Seriously, that girl took up the whole middle of the bed and then moved around like crazy (I have a slight feeling that she will be a sleep walker).  And then came the sneezing.  Oh the sneezing!  You could hear the snot come out of her nose.  Gross!  But what does a good mom do?  Pretend like you are sleeping and ignore the snot that is probably being spread of your freshly cleaned sheets.  Thankfully, Sweet Baby Jo managed to keep the sheets clean but rolled over and rubbed her nose all down my back – like all the way from my shoulder blades to my crack.  And that my friends, ended the sharing of the bed for the night.


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