Oooooh, just the randoms


*My Awesome Husband and I always get weird looks when we are asked how long we have been married and how many kids we have.  Trust me, the math does work out.

*I never read the introduction to a book because if they really wanted me to read it, they would label it Chapter One.

*I just placed my first order at Wallace Farms for some meat.

*I love watching documentaries about anything.

*I am not really a sports fan and have been turned off towards sports even more after watching a 30 for 30 documentary.

*I love politics but rarely share my views because politics tends to just make people mad.

*Some days I feel like our house smells like poop more often than not.

*Some days I make my Awesome Husband change the diapers once he gets home from work because I have dealt with more poop than I can handle.

*I really like the Duggar’s.

*I just realized I read the introduction of The Explicit Gospel but only because I thought it was the first chapter.


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