REAL mom Wednesday


This week is more like REAL mom whining.  So, if you dare to read on you will only hear me whine for a bit.

I bought myself an Ergo baby carrier after a TON of research and joining of forums about baby carriers and months of oooing and awing over it and trying to talk myself into laying down some serious cash for it.  I finally decided that if I could sell all the baby products that I had that were useless to me I would buy it.  Done and done.

The day it came in the mail, I fell deeply and madly in love with it!  It was the perfect shade of lime green and it was so easy to put on and made my children a lot less heavy to carry.  I loved the pocket for my phone and keys and the baby hood for when they slept.  I loved that my Awesome Husband even used it and liked it too (who doesn’t love a baby wearing daddy).

Fast forward months into the future…I took it with me to visit family and wore it last then.  I remember taking it off and putting Sweet Baby Jo into the front seat of a cool bicycle and leaving it with the strollers.  That was my last glimpse of that beauty.

Last known sighting and picture.

I am super duper bummed right now.  And that is my REAL mom moment of the day – mourning the loss of an expensive baby carrier.  This is how you know you are a REAL mom.


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