Preschool at home


My Awesome Husband and I were never planning on sending Nug to three year old preschool or four year old preschool.  Before I became a mom I thought they were mandatory but then some older friends of mine told me that, nope, preschool is optional.  So we decided to opt out ***GASP!***.

Nug is pretty much a non-napper these days but still has rest time up in her room.  Right after I put Duder and Sweet Baby Jo down for the beauty that is nap time, her and I work together for about an hourish doing preschool stuff.  We color a lot.  We practice writing a letter.  We say our Bible verse.  We usually watch a youtube video about said letter.  Depending on the day we do an activity.  I then have her darn the socks, mend the trousers and sew her own clothes – okay, not really but isn’t that what most people expect when it comes to homeschooling?  Long dresses, even longer braids and boys with beards?  I doubt my Awesome Husband will let us go all Amish on him.

Here are some websites I have been using for color sheets:

Here is the site I found for easy Bible verses toddlers can memorize:

For her birthday she got dry eraser flashcards with numbers and letters so she can learn to write each of them.  She loves these.  They are by Kumon and I highly recommend them because they are easy for little people to follow, hold, and draw on.  We also got some maze activity books and cutting books (can I tell you, this girl loves using scissors!).

We are on our second week of school and she can successfully write the letter A without any help, can sometimes sort of write the letter B (can trace it without problem on the flashcard), and can cut anything you ask her to with a smile!


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  1. isn’t it funny how crazy people get when you say you’re not planning on sending them to preschool?! as if, as a result, they’re never going to find a spouse or know who ryan seacrest is, and the whole general success of their lives hinges on them going to some germ-infested, overcrowded, fancied-up daycare.

    i told my mom the other day that i probably wasn’t going to start any formal schooling with them until atticus is seven or so, and she about died. glad to know i’m not the only unconventional one…:) weirdo homeschoolers, unite!

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