Don’t even ask


But if you must, the answer will be a variation of one of the following:

A) We do know how this happened and we like it.

B) We are over populating the world with beautiful.

C) All children are  blessings.

If you have noticed that I have been letting myself go lately, well, that is because I have.  I have a tiny, very cute parasite growing in my abdomen that tells me to sit on the couch, not wash dishes, not to pick up toys, let scum build up on my tub, avoid laundry, and eat lots of food.  So, yes, there you have it, I am getting bigger by the minute for the best cause ever – growing a baby!

Hello bump!
Taken two weeks ago at 10 weeks.
My Awesome Husband would like to point out that this is a cell phone picture, not his best quality.



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  1. SO HAPPY for you guys! We BLESS your baby and we bless your womb to be the PERFECT place for your littlest one. You two are anointed for this and this is awesome news! Love, the Dau House

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