The larger the diaper, the less you get


Sweet Baby Jo is in a size 2 and Duder is in a size 4.  They need to probably size up but I despise buying larger diapers for two reasons: 1) you get less diapers per pack the bigger the size but they still cost you the same and 2) the bigger the diaper the more they sag in the crotch.  And I hate saggy baby crotch.  It’s not attractive.

I am not one of those people who likes to put my kids in the bigger size as soon as they hit the bottom limit for the diaper size (diapers are weirdly sized in my opinion).  Thankfully, both kids still fit relatively well in their current size and don’t have leaking issues.  I am just not looking forward to the day when specifically Duder goes to a size 5, because I am imagining adult sized diapers on a kid sized body and a crotch that sags to his knees.  Maybe God will hear my prayer and Duder will magically wake-up potty trained tomorrow and Sweet Baby Jo will decide to crawl up and sit on the toilet just like her big sister….only in my dreams….only in my dreams.

Oh and in Nug news.  She punched Baby Jo in the eye yesterday and then comes to me immediately after and goes “I punch her.  In the eye.”  Thanks for tattling on yourself Nug!  It makes my job a little bit easier.


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