San Diego


Wednesday afternoon three lovely ladies came to watch our three little people so I could join my Awesome Husband out in sunny San Diego where he was at for a thingy for work.  It was wonderful!  I feel rested and recharged.  It was nice to sleep in and hang out with my favorite.

This was the first time I had left Sweet Baby Jo overnight and I was nervous.  I was hoping she would continue her streak of sleeping through the night (FINALLY) and that she wouldn’t be too upset since she is a mama’s girl through and through.  But from the reports I got, she was wonderful!  Go Sweet Baby Jo!!!!!

I have gotten asked before how I can leave my kids since they are so young.  And my honest answer is that motherhood can be so consuming that you can lose yourself, you can lose your relationship with your spouse, and you can get burnt out.  At least I can and do.  I LOVE staying home and feel this is where God wants me to be but it isn’t easy.  Three little people demand my attention their whole waking hours.  They don’t care that I need a moment to just sit or a moment where the screaming needs to cease.  So, when the opportunity arises I jump at the chance to get away and regain focus.

Don’t get me wrong, I missed my three shorties a lot!  And it was nice to come home to their smiling faces and sweet little embraces!  But the time away with the one I promised to love until I die was and is totally worth it.


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