No water heat


So, the day after we came back from vacation my dryer died (I tried everything, unplugging and replugging it back it, flipping the braker, kicking it, etc..).  A week later I got my brand new dryer that smells weird because it’s new and I am not sure I like the new dryer smell.  The very next day the inevitable happened.  Our water heater quit heating.  Praise Jesus it is only 3 years old and still is under warranty*!

So, I haven’t showered since Saturday afternoon in semi-warm water.  The kids haven’t gotten their weekend bath.  And my Awesome Husband has spent the entire weekend washing his lovely locks in the sink so that he would avoid the shock of cold water.  But thankfully the part came in today and will be replaced and I can have HOT water!  Woot!  That means tonight every single one of us will be so fresh and so clean, clean.

*We called Lowe’s who told us to call the manufacturer.  The manufacturer would send a replacement part no charge but it would take a week to get here.  We would have to wait a WEEK (and you can’t get a hold of them on the weekend) for the part to make it’s appearance.  What?!?!?!?  That seems a little ridiculous to me when we just told them we had already been without hot water for three days.  But whateves.  We paid $30 to have it shipped overnight so that our lovely babysitters wouldn’t have to take cold showers the entire time they were here:-)


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