REAL mom Wednesday


Urine Addition

You know you are a REAL mom when…

*Your daughter is sitting on the toilet and totally misses the pot and pees all over your shoe…your cloth shoe…at the beginning of church…

*Your son pees directly on your littlest.

Here is the lowdown on that one.  It was bath night and my Awesome Husband was gone, so I am trying to get lots done at once.  Nug said she had to poop so she was on the toilet and Duder and Sweet Baby Jo were in the tub naked awaiting sister so I could fill up the tub.  Since there was no water running and everyone was happily either on the toilet or playing with tub toys in an empty tub I ran to the kitchen to grab the rest of my dinner to eat in the bathroom while they were soaking (some may say that is disgusting, I say it is multitasking).  While in the kitchen Nug yells, “Duder is peeing.  Mom!  He is peeing on Sweet Baby Jo!”  I walk in to find Sweet Baby Jo wet and sitting in a puddle of pee and Duder aiming his thang right at her.  Sibling love.


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