We may just be paci free at three


Our children are paci addicts and I take full responsibility of making them that way.  And I don’t care what the experts say about pacis and all that jazz.  My kids were in need of something to suck and a paci did the trick.

Well, my husband being a teeth guy, we knew that the paci sucking would have to come to an end and when my first attempt at taking away the paci was less than successful and ended in me giving the thing back to Nug, I knew there must be an easier way than her losing her sleep and me losing my mind.

On Sunday I took Nug to Target and we picked out suckers.  For every successful nap and bedtime (rules are no pacis, must sleep, and no whining for pacis) she gets a sucker when she gets up (this does mean she gets to suck on sugar at 7am every morning but hey, don’t judge).  She is a sucker for suckers.  And it is working.  She won’t get the suckers forever.  Just like potty training once the goods runout you are on your own.


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  1. What a GREAT idea! We are paci people as well and he’s getting to a point where he only needs it when he’s bored at home or when he’s napping. I smile whenever we get someplace and he actually HANDS ME the paci, deciding he doesn’t need it! My hope is by the time he can communicate more (age 2 or 2 1/2) that we can give up the paci too…maybe I’ll use the sucker idea!

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