Last week was vacation week.  It was glorious!  And since I am not a prepared person who had blog posts written, there was just a void in the blog world without me.

I will admit that I actually had anxiety last night upon arriving home and needed to sift through 250 emails because I don’t have a smart phone and therefore am never fully connected and that I refuse to log onto my email or facebook or anything else for that matter because it is vacation.  But once I realized that I only had 1 email and 1 email string that were of importance I breathed a sigh of relief and went to bed.

Back to vacation…  We spent a week with my Awesome Husband’s awesome family.  And you know you had a great week when you don’t want to leave and shed tears.  Once my Awesome Husband gets the pictures onto the computer you will all get to see the fun that we had!

Anyway, Duder turned two over the weekend (and I have a blog post all about him don’t worry) and I came home to find out that my dryer has bit the dust and Duder has a doctor’s appointment and I have an otitis media or better known as a middle ear infection.  Real life is hard pill to swallow after a week of relaxation, love, and lots of fun!


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  1. This is a long shot, but we went for 4 months without a dryer because it was broken…little did we know that the fuse had simply blown, and we just had to flip the switch on our circuit breaker (which is what my dad did and we thought he was a miracle man). Whoops!

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