REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You step in spit-up on a daily basis.

*You wipe said foot on nearest burp rag, sock, tea towel, etc…

*You have found spit-up in your shoe.

The last is by far the worst offense.  Nothing like a soggy, smelly shoe to make for a great day;)


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  1. or you use the sniff-test to figure out just how many days you’ve been using the same burp rag. or on tuesday you pick up the burp rag you used at church on sunday and it’s still damp. or you never really bother with burp rags as much anymore and just reach for the nearest item of dirty laundry to use instead, since that’s everywhere anyway and it doesn’t produce more stuff to wash that way. or when you have to walk all spread-eagle because they puked in your crotch in public and even though you’d like to walk normally so as not to draw attention to yourself, having someone else’s barf all up in your business is worse so you bite the bullet and walk like a freak.

    i feel you. (although, i’ve never had it in my shoe. that seems like some pretty intentional joke-puking on your kiddo’s part.)

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