Three minus two


Equals one.

This week Nug and Duder are spending time with their grandma and grandpa in Ohio.  I know, I know.  They are little.  And won’t I miss them too much?  Well, I do miss them lots and am excited to see them this weekend but it has been really, really nice to spend time with my Sweet Baby Jo as an only.  And as for the little part, they are in great hands and they wanted to go.  A double win in my book:-)

So, what to do, what to do?  Rest.  Yep.  I have been resting a ton.  Taking care of three little people 24/7 is tiring and you usually don’t realize just how tired you are until you don’t have them for a little while.  I have also done some cleaning and having some more cleaning projects to do this week.  But for the most part, it is just me and the Jo during the day hanging out.

Today Sweet Baby Jo and I met my Awesome Husband at the Colony Inn in the Amana Colonies.  We had a blast eating fried chicken and gravy and flirting with old people (Sweet Baby Jo, not my Awesome Husband or myself).  Then we stopped by the brewery and got a root beer.  It was so nice to do something out of the ordinary.  Normally we don’t meet up with my Awesome Husband except a few Friday’s here and there to eat at a local deli because let’s face it, hauling around, feeding, cleaning up, and corralling them isn’t what I consider an easy task.

Now it is nap time and I am enjoying the peace and quiet and relatively clean house.  Did you know a house stays cleaner with only one child than it does with three?  Who would have guessed?


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