Happy birthday to my three year old


Happy birthday my sweet Eden Grace!  You have changed our lives dramatically from the moment two lines showed up on that pregnancy test.  You have been such a precious gift that I am often in awe that God would ever entrust me with your life.

Brand spankin’ new.

I love the little girl you are and are continuing to grow to be.  I love the way you believe in fairy tales and princesses.  I love the way you sing at the top of your lungs.  I love the way you break out into dance at a whim.  I love your blue eyes.  I love the way you love others.  I love the way you make strangers smile.  I love that you are such a people person that you have no fear to go up to them and say hi.  I love the way you want to sit on my lap after nap time every day.  I love the way you remind me to wake you up from nap so as not to sleep too long.  I love your cheesy smiles.  I love that you love to read.  I love the excitement you get when I sneak you down stairs after bedtime to cuddle and watch tv.  I love that you love your brother and sister.  I love that you love getting dirty.  I love the way you laugh uncontrollably when get a case of the giggles.  I love the way you run into our room every morning to see daddy.  I love the way you have a general concern for others well beings.  I love the way you pretend to talk to daddy on the phone when he is a way.  I love the way you always are telling me how much you love me.  I love that you love me without any conditions attached.

Eden, you truly are a treasure.


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