DIY – distressing chairs


I am big into distressed furniture.  It may be that I love the way it looks or it could partially be that I have three little people who would distress my furniture anyway, so I love it even more.  Double win!

My Awesome Husband built me a beautiful kitchen table and bench but we were in need of some chairs.  I found 5 old school chairs circa de 1974 on Craigslist for $40.  They are amazing!  But they were ugly.  So we he sanded them down and we painted them black.  We are pretty simple people and black was an obvious choice.  Until we realized that our whole house is comprised of a lot of dark colors.  Thus began my journey into distressing these babies.

Things you will need:

Paint (I just buy samples because it is cheaper and I don’t need that much to cover the chairs)
A wax candle (mine was pumpkin scented but you can use really use whatever you have)
Paint brush (well, duh)
A butter/cheese spreader

Since my chairs were already painted, I didn’t have to paint them the color I wanted to show through.  I then took the candle and rubbed it on the parts where the chairs would naturally be stressed (edges and corners) and then painted them this pretty grey-blue color.  Once the chairs had dried I took the cheese spreader and rubbed it along the edges and where you rubbed the wax the paint flakes off.  Ta Da!  Distressed!  I did end up painting two chairs (well, one since I haven’t had time to do the other yet) an antique white but had to put two coats of paint on since my base coat was black.  Since there was a double coat of paint, the edges where I flaked the paint off will need to be lightly sanded since the paint is thicker.


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  1. Looks great! I will have to try this method. I typically use a hand sander, but it can be time consuming because I have to give my hand breaks from all the vibrating and jerking….this seems way easier! Good job!

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