The little one.  The one that is cute and smiley and doesn’t get into trouble yet.  That one.  She bit the milk machines.  Hard.  For two weeks.  What does a mom do?

Bite back.

Okay.  Not really.  But she is officially a non-nurser.  Blood and tears were shed.  The battle has been won.


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  1. oh yeah, that’s THE. WORST. i would always flick my kids in the face whenever they would do that. yeah it was mean and they would cry, but i bet it hurt them less than the bites would hurt me! yowch.

    i have a friend whose baby didn’t get teeth until she was 14 months old, but that blessing was wasted because she bottle-fed. now that finn’s cutting his third and fourth teeth, i’d give ANYTHING for a bald-mouthed baby.

    glad to hear you’re not having to deal with the biting anymore!

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