His hair was greasy


My Awesome Husband and I were talking this morning about Duder’s hair and I had a revelation.  None of our kids have had baths in a week.  That’s right.  A week.

Not sure how that happened.  Well, I do know how it came about.  They usually only get two baths a week unless unusually stinky.  This past we have spent a lot of time playing in the water, so I said no need for a bath until the next day.  That kept happening like day after day after day.  Then it finally got apparent by Duder’s hair laying flat on his head that it wasn’t due to the fact that he needs his hairs trimmed but that it was probably grease.  He doesn’t stink I swear!  None of them did.  At least I don’t think they did.  Maybe I got accustomed to their stink.  Who knows.

But I sucked it up and all little people have been properly bathed.  Can I just say that my first reaction was, well, we are saving money on water!  Yep.  It was.  And I am not ashamed.  For those of you who shower or bathe every day, I think once a month when the full moon is high every body in our household is fresh on the same day.  I know, I know, gross.  Whatevs.

Lookin’ so fresh and so clean, clean.

(My Awesome Husband would probably like it noted that he DOES in fact shower daily.)




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  1. i’m only a tiny bit ashamed, but not even that much, that i regularly don’t bathe my kids more than once a week now that it’s summer. there’s just too much going on, and sun is antibacterial. that’s how i justify it. i wash their feet, hands and faces when they come in, and call it good until saturday bath day.

    i AM ashamed to admit that a few weeks ago, finneas went OVER TEN DAYS (i lost count) without a bath. it was really gross. he smelled really bad and was getting that weird baby cheese that they get.

  2. unfortunately, my warm bodied boy breaks a sweat at the drop of a hat, so I have to bathe him all the time in the summer or he stinks… Oh well, I’ll make up for it in the winter! 🙂

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