*Last night Sweet Baby Jo got her ears pierced.  She was a champ and looks so unbelievably feminine and teenage-like (if teenagers tend to only have two teeth and be bald).

*We are a one oven-mit family.  Why?  My Awesome Husband burned a whole in the other one while I ran to the store for 2.5 seconds.

*Duder loves my parents neighbor dogs so much that he runs to the fence as soon as they are let out to use the facilities backyard.  And now he can successfully say their names: Bacon and Brisket.  As well as distinguish between the two.

*I am a little worried that one day my kids will talk me into a dog.  Right now, my Awesome Husband and I like other people’s dogs but have desire to have one ourselves.  Plus I know how the end of the story looks like:  Me cleaning up dog poop and me taking the little mutt out on walks and me getting waaaay to attached.  Not good.  Not good at all.

*Since Nug already had her ears pierced, we let her pick out a few things she liked.  She came out with a bright blue brimmed hat, a princess necklace, and a light up microphone.  I tried steering her to something that might actually last but in the end she wanted the cheapest things in the store.

*I saved Duder’s life.  Remember how he disobeyed?  I had to save his little behind because his shoe got stuck in the sand, he panicked and couldn’t stand up and therefore was in the process of taking in water.  And the thing is, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  But I am hoping he learns to obey so I don’t have to.

*All three little people got their very own life vests.  And I may have almost peed my pants watching Sweet Baby Jo try to crawl with her’s on and watching Duder body slam his sister.

*I hate to admit it but actually kind of, sort of like the song “Call Me, Maybe” since I listened to it last Friday.

*And lastly, in just a few more weeks I will no longer have three kids under three.  I will have a three, two, and 8 month old.  Wow!  Where does time go???


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