Thank you for being a servant to me


Dear nursery workers,

Thank you.

Thank you for serving in an area in the church where you remain pretty much unseen except by the parents picking up their children each Sunday.  You do not receive the praise you are due because of it and you really only get the hurried “thanks” from us parents as we try to hurry our little people to the car.  But we parents, thank God each time we drop our children off and pick them up for the sacrifice you make for no other reason than to be a blessing to tired parents.

So, thank you.  Thank you for caring for my three sweet babies Sunday after Sunday.  Thank you for giving me the luxury to be able to step foot into worship without having to think about who is watching over them.  Thank you for wiping their noses and their behinds.  Thank you for playing with them and thinking they are actually funny.  Thank you for directing their actions with gentle hands.  Thank you for taking them potty and cleaning up their messes.  Thank you for holding them when they cry and dealing with their fussiness.  Thank you for getting your clean clothes messy and keeping theirs relatively clean.  Thank you for doing it all with a smile on your face and joy in your hearts.

May God bless you 10x the blessing you have been to me.


A tired but ever thankful parent to a servant like you.


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