REAL mom Wednesday


You really want to know what a REAL mom I am?  For starters, our house smells of lysol and clorox wipes.  That can only mean one thing….someone has a stomach bug.  Can you guess who?  Duder?  Yessir!  That little guy gets EVERY stomach bug known to man.

Stomach bugs mean the ritual of cleaning all the toys and disinfecting every. stinkin’. touchable. surface.  And trust me, our kids may be short but they touch anything and everything within their little reach.  Then there is the trying to keep the sickie away from the right-now-non-sickies.  This is a chore in and of itself.  I do not take this task lightly.

I have one more set of toys to go into the dishwasher to be de-germed and at least two more loads of laundry.  But of course everything could change if someone else starts puking.

Know what thought came to my mind last night as I picked up the toys left behind after the little people were all snug in their beds?  “It has been a long time since I have had to clean all the toys.”  Boy did that one bite me in the behind.  And my Awesome Husband reminded me that I did just pray that God would give me one month without vomit and He did (April, you were so sweet to me).  But come on!!!!!!  Two months would have been golden!  And whenever my kids get sick with a stomach bug all I can do is wonder why my kids have to puke while other people’s kids just get sick with the “cuddle bug.”

So right now I am taking a five minute break from the hand washing, toy sanitizing, child cleaning, puke catching, to hopefully keep my sanity.

And this my friends is what REAL motherhood is.


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