Little boy, big tantrums


I kid you not.  Duder can throw the biggest, nastiest tantrums I have encountered.  He goes from sweet and a little bit sassy to BAM! on the floor kicking and screaming.  Depending on the tantrum and the circumstances surrounding it, we either a) ignore, b) ignore and turn away and laugh, or c) put the child in timeout or he gets a small pinch on his butt cheek/upper thigh.

He may seem all innocent but don’t let those big brown eyes and cuddly guy fool ya!


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  1. It’s SO hard not to laugh sometimes isn’t it? Andrew and I try to cover our laughs when disciplining and sometimes Josiah even starts giggling (obviously because he knows he’s pushing the limits and enjoys it). Tantrums are so not fun, especially little boy tantrums!

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