What my kids must think


This was only the beginning.

Last night we made a trip to Target.  We headed down the feminine products aisle (my Awesome Husband’s favorite part of any store).  Duder and Nug were walking and Sweet Baby Jo was chillin’ in her infant car seat on the cart and my Awesome Husband was growing hair on his chest since he is a man’s man and that is what men do whiling standing in the girly aisle.  I was taking my sweet time trying to figure out what I wanted to buy (even when I know, I can sometimes be so indecisive since my brain has to look at every. single. product).  In the mean time, Nug and Duder started putting stuff they thought I needed in the cart.  I was trying to put the products back on the shelves as they were piling them in the cart (those little people are fast!).  It was a sinking ship…  By the time my Awesome Husband literally had to drag them (Duder was laying on the floor kicking and screaming because he loved the boxes of tampons since they fit perfectly in his little arms) from the feminine and incontinence products, our cart had about 3 packages of Poise and probably 10 boxes of tampons left for me to put away.


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