Things we have been into lately


1. Magnadoodles – we are obsessed with drawing anything and everything.

2. “Llama Llama Red Pajama” – super easy to read and Nug has it memorized and loves it when Mama Llama comes running.

3. Cherry tomatoes – Between Nug and Duder they ate 2 lbs of them in 5 days.  Duder behind did not like all the acid.

4. Roasted veggies – If I roast it, they will eat it.

5. Dragon Tales – It is now a morning tradition to watch one or two episodes.  Duder likes Max and Nug likes Zach and Wheezy.

6. Getting into my Awesome Husband’s sculpting clay (fancy for expensive hair gel because his hair is as equally awesome as he is) – This has cost us one trip to an Aveda salon and lots of disciplining.

7. Mirrors – Nug and Duder love to watch themselves in mirrors doing just about anything.

8. Teeth brushing – This is what we have been into since they got their first toothbrushes forever ago.

9. Sweet Baby Jo laughs – Duder LOVES making her laugh and I swear he can just look at her and she cracks up!

10. Rolling everywhere – She loves to roll and scoot her way around our living room rug. Gone are the days of a stationary baby.

11. Spelling – Nug is a spelling machine.

12. Being outside – If Duder goes outside you have to prepare yourself for the battle of bringing him back in.


13. Jesus!!!! – We are always trying to talk about Jesus and what he did for us:-)


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