Sleep. I need it.


Can we just talk about sleep?

I drink coffee.  Every single morning.  I like it but I now drink it to power through the early morning grogginess that is caused by this sweet child of mine:

The perfect roundness kills me.

Not only is she not sleeping through the night but starting between midnight and 2am she gets up every. single. hour.  She isn’t hungry.  She just wants her paci.  Something is waking her up and it can’t just be the need to suck on her paci for 2 seconds every hour.  What could it be?  Teething?  Gas?  Growing hair?  I moved her from her crib to her bassinet because the journey up and down the stairs was more than I was willing to do.  Hmph!

What would you do?  I will try any and all suggestions (minus having her sleep in bed with me because I would not sleep) – even rubbing butter on her feet and chanting and walking around her bassinet 7 times and then sounding horns.

She is a great baby!  And I mean GREAT!  She just has trouble during the early morning hours.  In the end, I will survive this.  I just would like to feel a little more rested around the eye region.  And the thing about babies that I love is that these seasons of life are short when looking back.


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  1. I have no advice, only moral support. Lucy started doing this back in December and she is still doing it. A good night for us is when she only wakes up 3 or 4 times, not counting once to eat. We have no clue why this is happening. Not teething, not milestone sleep regressions, not the clothes/blankets/air temperature, etc., she has to have her pacifier and be “gotten” back to sleep…which is an ordeal. We even started charting her sleep to see if she was napping too much, but nope! I just ended up sleeping with her and I get more sleep that way……but still, thank goodness for coffee.

  2. What age do you start sleep training? I can’t remember how old she is, 5 months?? That would be my only suggestion. When Josiah would wake up in the night I just nursed him back to sleep. I nursed him 1-2 times a night until he was almost 9 months, and then I had enough and decided to sleep train him. I hope you figure out what to do!

  3. My only go-to solution is to let them be so they can learn how to deal on their own, but then again I am a pretty heartless mom when it comes to the hours between 7pm and 7am. 😉

    You know what’s going to happen now that you’ve posted this, right? She’s going to stop doing it all by herself very soon! At least that’s my hope and prayer for you!

  4. Thanks for support and advice! I am glad that I am not the only one. We will see what happens in the coming weeks. She naps great and literally goes down at night between 7/7:30 and wakes up for the day 12 hours later. It’s just those last 6 hours or so. I might have to get less sleep to get more sleep!

  5. oh, that’s the WORST. even with swaddling their arms down until they’re ENTIRELY too old for it and then propping the nuk in with a rolled up blanket (not the safest thing, i know, but i was desperate), we still did that with both the older kids. at least once a night for penelope until she was 18 months – brutal. if you can stand to do sleep training like allison suggested, go for it. it’s hard with two other kids in the house that might wake up, though, isn’t it?

    i’ll be praying for you!

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