Soggy toilet paper


Duder is no longer allowed in the bathroom, even for a millisecond, without the supervision of someone over the age of three.

Why?  Let’s see.  On Saturday we couldn’t for the life of us figure out how our toilet paper got damp.  Two extra rolls sit in a fancy cheap roll holder by the side of the toilet and both were wet.  I deciphered that Duder must have rubbed them up against the side of the toilet which was slightly sweaty from the tank being cold and our house being hot.

But that is not what happened.  I wish that is what happened because I used those two rolls of toilet paper and good thing that I was a little leery of how they got wet and refused to use them to wipe any noses.

Yesterday I caught the culprit red handed.  A whole (new) roll of toilet paper sat in the toilet soaking up water – pee water from Nug.  Yuck!  DUUUUUDDDDDEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We went through three perfectly new rolls of toilet paper.  Three.  That probably cost me a buck and cost Duder a lot of time in time out thinking about what he did (not sure he did much thinking since it happened three times within a few hours).

Thankfully a whole roll can’t be flushed, unlike toddler wipes.


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