Top ten reasons I like not being pregnant


10. I can see my feet without a mirror.

9. I can tie my shoes easily.

8. I can bend at the waist.

7. I don’t have to wear big underwear (count yourself lucky if your rear end doesn’t grow during pregnancy).

6. I have yet to rip a pair of normal pants trying to get them on (tell me I am not the only one to have busted through not one, but two pairs of maternity jeans).

5. Normal size clothes are a lot cheaper (normal shirt $15, maternity shirt which is waaaaaay unflattering $1,000).

4. I don’t feel like a lump on the couch all the time (growing cute little parasites in my belly is an energy sucker).

3. I can walk up the stairs without feeling winded (I am not one of those athletic preggers who skip up the steps and can talk at the same time).

2. I can fit into my Awesome Husband’s clothes (I married a little man.  This does not help when one would like to wear a big t-shirt).

1. I get to hold my baby in my arms.


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