Last night


Sweet Baby Jo (this is her nickname at home, so I am switching it up on the blog front) has been a great sleeper since the day she was born.  She started sleeping through the night right around 5 weeks and except for the occasional 4am wake-up-freak-out-’cause-I realized-I-am-hungry, sleeps between 11 and 12 hours.  I am not saying this to brag at all.  I have hesitated even telling anyone when asked about her sleep because I knew once I told someone she would start getting up 5 times just to prove me wrong.

Don’t worry people.  She gave me a run for my money (well more like a short walk to our closet where she currently resides and no money because I make zero being a mom) last night.  Anywho, she went to sleep at 8pm, was up at 9pm, 1am, 3am, 3:30am, 4am (I finally fed her because the paci was not satisfying), 5am, 6am, and then 7:30am for the day.  I think it was just bad gas because she was squirming a lot and farting up a storm in her bassinet.

This makes for one tired mama considering that I have a cold and HAD to be up this morning for an appointment.  I am a grouch.  But on my way out to the car I remembered that just because I am tired and semi-sickly does not mean I need to be a grump on the parenting front.  So I prayed for patience and for obedient children (I knew once I prayed for patience it would be tried, hence praying for obedient children).  And threw my rule of no tv/movies during our kids waking hours out the window because it is a sick and lazy morning and we all could probably use the snuggles.


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