Baby wisdom


There is a book called Baby Wise and who doesn’t want to be wise when it comes to babies; wisdom is an awesome thing.

When I got pregnant with Nug, I thought, “I am going to read Baby Wise cover to cover and have the best baby ever!”  Well, I didn’t ever get around to reading it or owning a copy or even borrowing it from any one I knew who had read it.  But I did sit down and grill people about their experiences and such.  And I thought this thing called child rearing would be a piece of cake because it totally made sense – get your baby on a 3 hour schedule of eat, wake, sleep and it will make for a happier baby and subsequently a happier mommy.

Wrong!  None of my children – I repeat NONE – has this worked for.  I don’t know if it is that I don’t have enough discipline or the fact that all three of the little people I have birthed have had reflux or that there are times when surviving the day on a few hours of sleep took precedence or the fact that I didn’t actually read the book on baby wisdom.  For whatever the reason, no matter how hard I tried to break habits or schedule my children it just didn’t work (and I ❤ schedules like bread <3’s butter).  Take for example that Nug and Duder were swaddled until they were 9 months old (why disrupt there sleep crutch when it worked).  Duder napped in the swing until he was 6 months old (and I am positive Nug did at her wonderful sitter’s house as well).  I never took away their pacifiers (well, I did once but gladly handed the thing back over a month later).  I never had a schedule that I could rely on them following until they were more mature babies (those two words seem funny together).

I have used some of the principles once my children were down to three naps a day and once they started solids.  Other than that, I only have the wisdom about my own children that God himself gave me.

So, if you ask me for advice I am likely to tell you what worked for us and what I have heard worked for others because I am no genius when it comes to mothering.  And even though I am on my third sweet baby in three years, there is still much for me to learn. So, if you have advice for me on ANYTHING, give it!  I am likely to eat it up like chocolate cake and try it on my wonderful children even if it doesn’t work.


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