A post about <3 day


I didn’t do anything too extravagant for Valentine’s Day because I figure I should be showing my children and Awesome Husband I love them every day (I know I fail at this often).  So, to start the day off, I made muffins for the family (a week day treat), cut strawberries at lunch time to semi-resemble hearts, takes about 1 Corinthians and the greatest love of all – Jesus, and then let them have a cookie after dinner.

But my Awesome Husband knows how to show us love in so many ways and got the little people a few new books and a card and gave me a new cook book AND a gift card to get my hair done!  What a sweet guy!!!!  All I got him was a card about prison – yep, I am that sweet of a gal.  Thankfully my Awesome Husband and kids liked their Valentine’s Day and that was good enough for me (and hopefully good enough for them as well).

I love you Nug, Duder, Baby T, and most of all, Awesome Husband!!!!


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  1. at least you got garrett something… todd bought me my very first pair of real, grown-up, jewelry store earrings. i got him…nothing. not even a card. i felt like the biggest jerk!

    cute idea with the strawberries, and i LOVE using the 1 corinthians passage to talk about love with your kids!!

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