REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You spend your Saturday night without kids eating ice cream and doing taxes.

*You have thought about feeding your kids more processed foods just so they don’t poop as often (come on kids, once a day is all I ask for).

*You have contemplated teaching your 2 year old to change her brother’s diaper.

I am back on the cloth diapering horse and it seems like Duder is a pooping machine lately.  He must know that it takes me extra time to change him when poop is involved.

Oh and my Awesome Husband and I got crazy a few Saturdays ago and did our taxes.  It was a real partay!!!


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  1. my kids have both LOVED pooping in cloth diapers. i hate changing poopy cloth though. for a while penelope was on a schedule of pooping at nearly exactly the same time every day, so i thought i’d save a little sanity by putting her in a disposable during this time then switching to cloth after she pooped. she smarted up right away though, and started holding it until she was in a cloth! i don’t know what it is, but kids seem way happier to poop in the ones you have to clean out by hand…tiny little sadists. 🙂

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