The Monday after


I read somewhere that the Monday after the Super Bowl is the day most people call into work sick.  That means I decided to call my Awesome Husband and tell him I wasn’t “working” today turn off my alarm and instead of getting up at 6am, I got up at 7:30am.  Surprisingly no one was awake and I enjoyed a half hour to myself reading my Bible and taking a shower.

The down fall to not getting up early means that I spent most of the morning and the better half of nap time trying to get done what I can do in 45 minutes without little people running around.  Such is the life of a mom.  No sick days even when we really are sick.

It was still nice to sleep in considering we had some wonderful friends over and then proceeded to stay up waaaaay past the game when people left.  Sometimes good friends, late nights, and sleeping in are just what I need:-)


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