Daddy punch the wall


When I was growing up, I was never allowed to wear shoes in the house.  Naturally, I prefer to wear no shoes (I do love slippers though) in our home.  My Awesome Husband always wears his shoes in the house.  It really isn’t that big of a deal but I clean the floor during nap time and then when he comes home he brings in dirt and grime to my precious, sparkling, hand-cleaned floors.

Two days ago, as usual, he came home from work and didn’t remove his shoes.  Then this happened because of Thomas the Train:

Evidence that wearing shoes in the house leads to bad things.

He tripped and kicked the wall with the heel of his shoe.  Tisk, tisk!  So, what did Nug and I do?  Chant, “Daddy punch the wall.  Yeah.  Daddy punch the wally, wall.”

Now when ever someone comes into our house Nug promptly tells them that daddy punched the wall:-)

In other news, Duder is feeling much better and is actually driving me bonkers.  He does not listen and is just a crab.  But when he turns on the charm, he is oh so sweet and I totally forget that he was being naughty.

Feelin' good.

Our baby swing died.  Like, it bit the big one.  It was a favorite for Nug and Duder.  And Baby T <3’s swings as well.  I ❤ the baby swing.  I ❤ having two free arms because of the baby swing.  I think I ❤ it more than them.  And I think I enjoy the “<3” sign because it is cute!

Our swing was a given to us by a family friend whose niece used it.  Their niece is now six, so this swing has lasted a long, long time in the swing world.  Oh well, Baby T will just be hanging out with us like this more often:

She just loves shoulder sitting, if you can't tell:-)

Baby T is also losing her hair just like Nug and Duder and is sporting the skullet – old man on top, party in the back.  Woot!  I just love that you can see her widows peak (Baby T has her daddy to thank for that one) but in real life she looks almost bald.

This is the randomness that I call life and what goes through my head on a daily basis.  Just random thoughts.  And then I laugh.


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