How to go through 13 pairs of undies in less than 13 minutes


1. Open new package of undies and place all six over the one pair of undies you already had on.

2. Make mommy smile while cooking dinner because you are entertaining yourself and not bugging her.

3. Pee in said undies.

4. Come into kitchen with soaking undies and a blanket trying to clean yourself up.

5. Make mommy laugh in either frustration or true humor – no one can really tell.

6. Go down for nap in a diaper.

7. Decide today is not a good day for napping.

8. Find second package of unopened new undies.

9.  Take off diaper.

10. Put on all six new pairs of undies.

11.  Marvel at how cute they look.

12. Poop in undies.

13. Mom walks in and laughs – again, not sure if she is laughing out of frustration or because she really thinks it is funny.

Thirteen is said to be an unlucky number and in our house apparently it is.


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