A funny thing about hospitals


Yesterday I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork for Duder when we first got to the hospital.  I spent 5 minutes trying to decide whether I needed to write our names or mother and father on the release form and then proceeded to write mother and father because it sounded more adult.  If you can’t tell I over analyze things a lot when I am sleep deprived:-)

Right now Duder is napping in his hospital grade cage bed and I am trying to figure out if I am sleepy enough to sleep or just sleepy enough to lay my head down and then realize I am not tired.  Nug and Baby T are with my gracious parents and I will soon be heading out once my Awesome Husband is here to feed the littlest person and grab a few things for the night to come.

As soon as we get the okay (hopefully) tomorrow we will be running out the front doors of this place!  Being here when you are sick is not the same as when you just had a baby and are getting help with baby and being fed semi-okay food (here, they don’t feed the non-patient anything and charge $.50 for sugar and salt if I order off the “menu”) and when they say you have until the end of the day to decide to leave you actually contemplate staying until 11:59pm.  This little dude needs a bit of freedom that his IV doesn’t allow and this mama needs to be with all her kids and husband under the same roof.

This is a ramblin’ post but I am bored and the internet has been searched and the masses are waiting to be fed (Baby T and me, that is) and I refuse to turn on the tv because my brain is too tired to read the closed captioning and I will not risk waking that sleep babe next to me up!


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