What is worse?


Having a sick one year old in the hospital or having a sick but feeling much better in the hospital?  I haven’t decided.  Let’s just say each are equally bad.

Duder got admitted yesterday because he was soooooo dehydrated from his throwing up.  But the kicker is they don’t think it is a stomach bug – his blood work showed elevated white counts which is a big indicator of a bacterial infection and his electrolytes were so low he would need IV fluids to bring it back up.  He finally got antibiotics started late last night (the whole ordeal of making sure his kidneys were functioning and needing urine sample made it take forever for him to get those in his little system) and has woken up a new man!

We are praying that it is just him who gets sick and Nug and Baby T are spared (because we do not need more hospital stays for this family).  Little kids are just so germy these days;-)

On our agenda – bath for Duder, shower for mom, and trying not to dismantle this hospital room.  AND to get out of here tomorrow (yep, we have to stay an extra night here since they need to check his blood cultures and he gets another round of antibiotics).

Oh and can I hope for some sleep?  Maybe, just maybe, a nap for me and him would be awesome:-)


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