Baby T is a refluxing little girl.  Who would have guessed that after two kids who were professional pukers that I would get another one???

Last night was a bit rough for our sweet newbie and I am thankful it is over.  She was gassy and spit up like crazy and wanted to be held (and patted) the whole night.  I have decided that the trigger for last night was probably milk.  That is a common trigger for reflux to worsen and I enjoyed plenty of milk products yesterday (I ❤ cheese!).  So today I have cut out all dairy and I am hungry.  I am already making my grocery list of things void of butter, milk and cheese.  I am sure this will help with getting these last few ten to fifteen pounds off and me back into my skinny jeans but I will miss my string cheese, cheese slices, cheese soups, pizza and yogurt.  But having rough nights for a year just isn’t worth it to me.

The bright side is that the creamer I put in my coffee doesn’t actually contain any milk in it (a little disgusting to read the label but, hey, it gets me through the early morning sleepyness)!!!  Score!  My Awesome Husband told me that I would have to start liking black coffee – you were wrong honey:-)

Other than that, she is nursing like a champ and already weighs in at 7lbs 11oz (on Wednesday when she “left” the hospital she weighed 6lbs 14oz)!  She is our little piggy and is stinkin’ cute!


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