Truly thankful


After days of sickness I finally can look back and be thankful.  I wish I could have been thankful in the moment but I am not perfect.  But I can say I am thankful for:

*My washer/dryer
*Clorox wipes
*Large cans of Lysol
*Knowing when to take my children to the doctor
*Being able to take them to the doctor
*For doctors who really, truly care
*Ritz crackers
*Raw hands from washing them too much
*Nights of uninterrupted sleep
*Being a light sleeper when you have sick kids
*Knowing that tomorrow just might be better
*Grandmas who have the ability to take off work when I have doctors appointments
*Mattress covers
*Garbage cans and garbage day (we normally don’t have a our garby full but after this weekend it was overflowing with yuck)
*Take out
*Clean water
*(Probably the only time you will hear me say this since I hate the chaos of this place even though I still make trips there) Walmart – I couldn’t be happier that they are open 24/7!!!!!


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