REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You fed your child Italian ice for breakfast and were perfectly okay with it.

*You have bribed your child with a sucker.

*You have actually thought about covering your entire house in plastic during your children’s younger years to keep the grim, poop, and vomit off of everything!

In the past two days I have I have fed Nug Italian ice for a late night snack and breakfast since she was so sick and you know what, I am a-okay with it!  And then I bribed her with a sucker to get her to drink some water last night.  Today I am reaping the repercussions of my actions but it was either that or spend the night in the hospital.  And I am not above doing what I have to do to make a little girl feel better, even if it means a few days of detox from getting anything she wanted and tv.  Totally worth it in my book.


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  1. You know you’re a real mom when…

    -There are kitchen utensils in every room in your house. Ice cream scoop in the bathroom, why not?

    – All the doors in your house are shut when you little one is awake.

    -You are yawning at 6:30 pm.

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