He might just be her favorite



I can’t say I don’t blame her.  He is a pretty awesome guy:-)  He even canceled a work lunch today to go to the doctors with us to make sure his little Nug didn’t need to go to the hospital for overnight observation and fluids (the bug she had really took a toll on that sweet thing).  And I know she loved him for it!

I am happy to report that the doctor decided to prescribe her zofran (or zofriend as this pregnant mama calls it) to help with the vomiting.  So far it seems to be working!  And if she is able to keep down fluids for the next six hours we don’t need to go and check in to the place with the needles and be stuck and probably not sleep.  But I am glad that I called to get her seen because her vomit had some black crud in it that indicates blood (most likely from an irritated tummy) but since it isn’t bright red, we don’t need to worry about it right now as long as she gets herself back to drinking.  So for her tummy’s sake she needs a little help in the right direction and I think zofran just might be it!  And a little snuggle time and love from her daddy:-)



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