Bland foods


Until Turkey comes I have decided that my kids will only eat easily digestible, bland foods and clear liquids.  They will wear hazmat suits when leaving the house and I will buy little masks and baby rubber gloves for them to wear at home.  I might even go so far as to install little hand sanitizer stations throughout the house.  Well, probably not but I am being pushed in that direction.

If you haven’t guessed, another stomach bug has hit our house.  And cleaning up vomit at midnight (thanks Duder) was a lot of fun.  Cleaning up vomit really doesn’t bother me too much (Praise the Lord) and neither does diarrhea (God designed me well to be a mother) but I just hate, hate, hate that the stomach germs seem to pass so easily between little people.  And since this household has been hit twice in the last few months, I am really over it.

I am really praying for a healthy household by the time this little girl comes so that we can all just enjoy our new family and not spend the majority of the day or night cleaning up sickness.



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  1. My Chiropractor gave me an article on Vitamin D3 and how we need to really increase our Vitamin D3 levels during the winter because it helps with immunity (it’s even good for combating the flu!). We’ve upped Josiah’s Vitamin D3 to 1,000 I.U. He could take it every day but I’ve just been doing it every other day. I’ve heard testimonials from others that their kids just don’t get sick during the winter when they take their Vit. D3. Just thought I’d share!

  2. I take extra vitamin D3 but neither of the kids do because they hate it and I can’t seem to disguise it. Oh well! Sometimes you just can’t win and tummy bugs are passed around easily with little people (I wish they wouldn’t put EVERYTHING in their mouths). I figure they are getting their immune systems built up but I still hate trying to keep one from passing it along to the other because they can’t ever be sick at the same time! LOL

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