Weird dream


I had a dream that I went to give plasma and met up with Kris Jenner and a wonderful friend from our Connection Group at church who has two beautiful daughters.  Kris Jenner was pregnant with triplets and on bed rest but wanted to make a little extra cash because of her families latest news worthy catastrophe.  My friend was there with her two little girls because she wanted to meet people and donating plasma is apparently a good way to meet random folks.  I was pregnant still and for some odd reason thought that this would be a great idea.

The whole dream revolved around my friend and I talking with Kris about the other Kardashians.  Then I was called to get my weight and blood checked.  The tech apparently was behind and asked me if I weighed 160lbs and I agreed and then I woke up to Nug chatting with herself in bed.

I really am not obsessed with the Kardashians at all.  But they have been in the news a lot lately, so I am guessing that is why my dream was so vivid about them.  And who knows why my CG friend was there since she is way up north right now while her husband plays some f-ball.  AND (this is a big “and”) I would like to say I have yet to reach 160lbs, yet (because if this baby girl stays in my belly for another 3 or 4 weeks, I just could make it there).  But don’t worry, I have gained more than my fair share of weight…like over 30lbs (right now I weigh 1lb less than my Awesome Husband – there should be a law against that)…so don’t think I am trying to say that I am a skinny mini and don’t worry, my whole body is fat (and this can be seen by the fact that I wear sweat pants all but two days a week right now because I only have one pair of maternity jeans that fit comfortably).

Oh and can I just be honest and say that I am really worried that this baby weight won’t fall off like it did with Duder and Nug since it is the winter and I won’t be leaving the house much with three little kids in the cold and snow.  Summer/spring is the best time to have a baby because there are no big holidays where people insist you eat a ton of food and the weather is nice enough to go out for walks (so the weight just naturally comes off).  Hopefully breast feeding will be good to me and I will give birth to a 20lb baby.


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