The great car seat hunt


Both Nug and Duder used the same infant car seat.  Baby T was going to use it as well.  Nothing wrong with it and it hadn’t expired (and won’t until 2014), so why spend money buying a new one, right?

Well, tonight it looks like we will be purchasing a new car seat for this little girl.  Why?  Because I had a big fail when packing it away.  I washed the car seat cover and wiped the actual seat down with a clorox wipe to disinfect but I must have not gotten the cover completely dry when I packed it away in the original box because it has molded.  Yep, molded.  And one look from my Awesome Husband and he said, “It looks like we are going to be getting a new one.”

I can’t say that I am not excited to get a new one because I wish I would have picked out a better pattern/color with Nug but at the same time I wish that I would have prepped that bad boy a little better when packing it away.  Now I get to go out shopping tonight to pick out a brand spanking new car seat (and Baby T’s future bed if she ends up with reflux like the others)!!!


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