Man oh man


Nug and Duder were excited to finally have their daddy home.  Nug didn’t even believe that he was still home this morning when she got up.

We had gotten in a good groove with it just being the three of us but now that my Awesome Husband is back, they are acting crazy!  And crazy in not-so-good ways that make you laugh but crazy in the frustrating ways that make you want to pull your hair out.  I honestly did not expect them to be little terrors…maybe they sense that my stress has gone waaaaay down that he is home and there is not the possibility of him being states away if I were to go into labor and those littles of mine think that they can try and get away with everything that they are not supposed to.

Well, Nug and Duder, just because I am more relaxed does not mean my mothering skills have let up.  Just sayin’.


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