Let the random begin


Some more useless facts about me:-)

*The first time I drove by myself, I drove half-way to church with the parking brake on.  And the worst part was, I kept wondering why my car wouldn’t go fast.

*The majority of my wardrobe is solid color shirts.  And I am pretty sure that most of them came from Target.

*I love re-purposing furniture.  Cheap and easy and it changes things up!

*I have a Northface jacket (I think that is what is called) that my husband wrote my name in and number in case it gets lost.  Or maybe it was in case I get lost;)

*I make a list every week of things that I need to accomplish.  On that list is always “make a list” for the following week, so I can check it off.

*We have our first living plant in the house ever.  So far I am not quite sure if it will make it.

*I am really excited about getting new furniture and am actually quite okay with taking my time looking for the perfect couch.  Plus, big purchases like this make me have to analyze everything because I don’t want to waste the hard earned money that we have been saving on something that is just okay.

*I wish I lived somewhere where I could make citizen arrests because it would a) be awesome and b) keep a lot of crazies off the streets.

*I want an immersion blender.


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