Answered prayer


Nug and Duder are napping quietly right now.  This is an answered prayer…at least for now.

Nug is learning how to drink from a regular cup but still doesn’t quite grasp the concept of not tipping the cup too fast or too far.  This means her pants and shirt are soaking wet and hanging to dry during nap time.

Well, her pants are at least.  Her shirt is being pretreated for tomato stains since she decided that the best way to help mom was to unroll her sleeves (she was wearing a white shirt) after she was finished eating, with her tomato covered hands.

She is learning.  I am learning how to teach her simple things.  But some days I should just stick to what is easiest because that is what I need.

Duder is teething.  This makes him not so pleasant all the time and constantly wet around his neck.  He still is quite the charmer but a bit more whiny and slobbery than usual.

I think this time of year with little sunlight and natural vitamin D are effecting everyone.  I feel like everyone is a little grouchy these days.  But that could just be because I am worn out from the lack of sleep and I am starting to realize that things need to happen around the house before a) it gets too cold to do them and causes problems and b) that Baby T will be here anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks.

Even though I am just plain worn out from the day to day stuff, Nug and Duder are giving me glimpses of Christ’s answer to this weary mom’s prayers.

*Duder has given me extra snuggles and eye brow raises (he has quite the little facial expressions).  Just what I need when all I can do is plop on a couch for a minute.

*Nug often asks me to pray with her multiple times a day.  And when I talk out loud to myself, she often asks if I am praying (“Mama, pray?”) and wants to hold my hand.  What a good reminder that I am not alone and that I can express frustrations and stresses to Jesus – especially when I just plain forget.

*Baby T kicking away inside, reminding me of what a special blessing a child is to our family and that we are lucky to have been given the greatest responsibility of raising little ones to adulthood (this often scares me out of my mind).



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