Our little turkey


I haven’t given an update on Turkey in awhile, so I thought that I should:-)

Baby T is doing great!  She likes to kick and go crazy in my belly but this has now become a bit uncomfortable since I feel like my skin is going to break open.  I have no stretch marks, accept the one for right above my belly button from Duder.  My lower abdominal muscles do feel like they are about to break though, so I think she has dropped down since I can breathe again.  My biggest complaint is that I am tired all the time from never really getting good sleep.  I can only sleep on my right side because my left hip falls asleep but then my belly pulls my lower back and I wake up during the night fighting to get comfortable and then my back and hips just ache.  Boo:(  But baking this baby is worth the pain, so she can come once her little thermometer pops and says she is done!

We have an ultrasound next week to check on her and I am looking forward to seeing her cute little face AND to make sure that she is actually a she:-)

Nug has finally figured out that the baby in my belly is Turkey and not her friend A.  Our family’s dog was named A and as much as I think it is a pretty name, I will not be naming our child that.  Depending on the day, Nug wants a sister and some days she wants no sister.  But I am thinking that she will love her new “baby” since she loved it when our friend G was itty bitty!

Oh and Duder…he doesn’t have a clue…he’s a dude though, so I don’t expect him to really notice:-)


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